Welcome to Waterside Clinic

Welcome to Waterside Clinic, the new name for the gender clinic at YourGP (as of 1 April 2024).

In recent years our gender clinic at YourGP has grown significantly, expanding our clinical team and serving more patients from across the country. Due to the specialist nature of the clinic it was no longer suitable to categorise it simply as one of the many services provided by a GP clinic. Instead, we aimed to provide a dedicated brand, focused entirely on our services to transgender and non-binary patients.

The good news is that ‘Waterside Clinic’ is still part of YourGP Group, so our highly experienced team will remain the same. It also means that patients will continue to be seen at the same clinic in Edinburgh, medical records will still be held and maintained by YourGP and we will continue to be regulated under the excellent standards of care that have been set by YourGP over the last 20 years.

There are also some added benefits of the new ‘Waterside Clinic’ service, including:

  • Dedicated website and identity for the gender clinic
  • Monthly Q&A sessions with one of the clinical team
  • Regular blog posts covering topics related to trans & non binary care
  • Greater patient engagement
  • Development of additional services

These changes will not impact any upcoming appointments that patients have already booked, and patients will still receive confirmations and reminders through the YourGP system as normal.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please drop the team an email hello@waterside.clinic.


The gender team at Waterside Clinic (part of YourGP Group)