Waterside Clinic Pricing

Our 2024 Price list

60-minute doctor consultation £396.00
30-minute doctor consultation £200.00
30-minute nurse consultation £95.00
15-minute nurse consultation £60.00
Repeat prescription £35.00
Admin charge (per 5 mins) £50.00


Costs and Medical Insurance Information

Cost of starting hormones

As a rule of thumb, you should budget for three one-hour appointments. For example, two appointments with one of our doctors (£396 each) and one psychiatric/psychological assessment (fees starting from £396, although subject to change) i.e. minimum of £1,000. If you receive any hormones from Waterside Clinic, there will be an additional cost for these. Because prices for hormones can differ, and will fluctuate depending on our supplier costs, you should check with our team for our latest prices.


Payment is arranged via debit/credit card over the phone. We take full payment at the time of booking for your initial appointment, but you can secure most follow up consultations with a deposit of £50. If your appointment is due to take place remotely, payment will be required in full ahead of the consultation time.

Ongoing Costs

It depends on your individual situation but, until you are under NHS services that can assume responsibility for your ongoing care, you should be reviewed every 3 months with our doctor until on a stable hormone regime. Fees for review appointments are priced at £396 for one hour and £200 for 30 minutes. Many people use Waterside Clinic while on the waiting list for NHS gender services. As soon as an appointment comes up within the NHS Pathway we will forward on your medical notes to date, to help ensure a smooth continuation of your treatment/care.

Medical Insurance

Some types of medical insurance may pay for gender dysphoria related assessment and treatment. But we are unable to liaise with third parties, so you would have to pay for your appointment yourself and then claim the cost back from your medical insurer. We’re happy to send you an invoice to help with this.